In the morning edition of NPR 2013, David Green said to Farrell: “T were people who thought these words touched on what a woman wanted and didn’t want, some even feared that they would contribute to rape. In a new interview with GQ magazine, Will Welch, Farrell criticizes Blurred Lines, a song by Robin Tick he that was written and presented in 2013. When you retire and look at the whole song, the thing is that she is a good girl, and even good girls want to do something, and t are vague lines. The “vague framework” is controversial because of the words that many people think minimize the notion of sexual consent. 1 in the song states: “This person is not the creator of the song. “I don’t know anything that could be more, I don’t know anything that could clarify our position in the music. So when a lyrical problem arose, I thought, “What are you talking about? T are women who really love music and connect with the energy that lifts us up. “Because t were older white women who behaved in an incredible way when the song came out. And if your music isn’t perfect and sexually suggestive, the only thing that makes you think sexually is the open season for criticism, and I understand that. And then I realized that t are men who use the same language, exploiting a woman, and it doesn’t matter if it’s my behavior. Farrell defended “Wazige Leinen” in several interviews after his publication. My mind was open to what was said in the song and that it could make someone feel. And I know that, yes, women sing those words all the time. Read the whole story called “Pharrell on Evolving Masculinity and “Spiritual Warfare” on GQ. She expresses it in dances because she’s a good girl. T are three kingdoms: mineral kingdom, plant and animal kingdoms.

Pharrell Denounces “