Ten years ago today, someone took a photo of Fall Out Boy bassist and lyricist Pete Wentz walking down the street looking a little morose, while a fedora-wearing Bruno Mars stans the shit out of him.

According to Rolling Stone, April 2008 was the time when Pete started taking LSD to improve his songwriting prowess but unfortunately it just made him distracted and unproductive.

Pete Wentz was, arguably, the most popular member of the band, according to All Music.

By comparison, Bruno wasn’t even in the same league.

Pete was actually asked about his thoughts on the photo two years ago by New York Mag and he said: “What an odd picture. I think specifically because it’s dated but also how it almost seems posed due to everyone’s faces and demeanor. I’m a big Bruno fan and have been since he sang ‘Billionaire’ with Travie [McCoy]…he’s such a monster in the best possible way.”

According to Bruno, he wasn’t actually excited to see Pete casually walking down the street like a normal person.

He told 104.3 iHeart FM he was actually looking at a paparazzi photographer who pushed past him to take a picture of Pete Wentz.

So ’s 10 years to one of the weirdest yet most endearing celebrity photos.