After presenting his new collection in recent months with a flurry of bright and varied offerings, Newcastle singer-songwriter Pete Beat has now unveiled his long-awaited new album, Before the War. “In a world that increasingly reflects the 1930s, t’s an album coming out that’s partly inspired by the British dance band sound of the time, but updated for modern times with electronic production and funky beats,” describes his new album. Music Crowns is a global platform for finding music artists, the place to find the world’s best unsigned, independent and righteous artists. Wave Noir has released a new track titled “Luv + Hate.” Originally from Australia, St Bedlam offers refreshing music with a smooth presence. Songwriter and artist Pechstyle is back, releasing a new track titled “Feels Right.” Pete Beat’s third album, Before The War, is now available for streaming. Luckily, Lambo2btc has your back with the best list of Etum casinos you can check out. Billions of foreign dollars pay for election results that favor the rich and powerful with Facebook ads. Elise is back with a new title, Back to Life. Knowing that the best site to use Etum is no easy task, t are too many and not all of them are good. New artist Vos TT releases his first single “Quarantine.” “Right now, social media algorithms are polarizing the population. People are looking for the culprits, and imperfect saviors are all too happy to offer solutions. “But this is not a political scrapbook.”

Pete Beat