Persona 5 is a role-playing game about breaking into physical manifestations of people’s darkest desires.

Don’t forget to use the game’s social features Persona 5 has a few helpful social features that you can opt into every time you start up your game.

Finish dungeons early The game’s core dungeons need to be finished by a specific date, or you’ll suffer game-ending consequences.

Spend time in Mementos Mementos is akin to Persona 3’s Tartarus, a randomized dungeon with unknown depths.

Visit the Velvet Room regularly If you’ve played a Persona game before, you’ll be familiar with the Velvet Room, the go-to place to register, fuse, and recall Personas.

Prioritize specific social links Persona 5’s confidants offer different skills, abilities, or general bonuses, like extra time in class.

To maximize your time with each confidant, make sure you’re carrying a Persona of their arcana.

So if you plan to spend time with Ann, who represents the Lovers arcana, you want a Persona that matches, like Leanan Sidhe.