Not only has the way we buy and interact with others changed. Paul Norris, an online research specialist at Epiphany has researched the impact of this phenomenon on Internet usage and has advised companies on how to adapt their research strategy in these difficult times. One expert investigated how the current global scenario has impacted users and advised companies on how to adapt their search strategy to these difficult times. The Prime Minister’s speech on 13 March 2020 served as a catalyst for demand for “homework” as demand for computer chairs increased by 185%. Its search engine function is a real gold mine in these difficult times – it immediately takes into account demand and changes in visitor behavior. Keep up to date with search reports – look for more usability and changes in supply, as availability and satisfaction are more valued. Daily news and knowledge about search engine marketing, search engine optimization and paid search. Can you customize the content and optimize existing pages in your CMS? Is it possible to create new landing pages in your CMS without technical intervention? Then it’s time to take advantage of these opportunities. If you are withdrawing sales activation due to reduced demand, you need to shift this budget and resources to medium and long-term activities that are profitable when demand increases again. As a nation, we have also looked at our emergency delivery options, includingwine delivery’, which almost tripled in a week. Your landing pages and product reports are a good first point of contact and can provide quick wins. Content faded to the bottom? Strategy, planning and content creation have clear benefits in terms of freedom to work at home. With this in mind, you should review the metadata and include high quality services such as overnight delivery in your titles and descriptions.

Paul Norris