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Eighty8 Dread – Based on his stage name “You Know 88” is a

Based on his stage name, “You Know 88” is a new song by American rapper Eighty8dread. Inspired by Scarface and Nino Brown, “You Know 88” introduces the new rapper with a fast-paced piano and trap vibe. Atlanta-based performer Eighty8 Dread releases his new track YOU KNOW 88, produced by Swedish producer Prod. “You Know 88”...

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Jordan Hamilton – To expand “their” musical horizons

To expand “their” musical horizons, producer Mello Music Group has joined forces with regular members Jordan Hamilton and The Saxsquatch, who play cello and saxophone respectively. If you listened to The Lasso’s previous album, 2121, you’ve heard the trio work on several tracks, and on Tri Magi they continue their inventive magic. Check out the...

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Tiny Desk Contest – Each of the band members – Idris

Each of the band members – Idris Winfield as lead rapper, Cameron Lucci with an impressive guitar solo, Khalil Abdul-Wakil on drums, K.C. Lucey on backing vocals and keys, and Kai Friedenberg rounding out the sound as producer and bassist – shines effortlessly, keeping the lights on for “his” neighbor. According to contest rules, there...

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Isaiah Rashad Shared – The Tennessee native recently

The Tennessee native recently released another new track, “Lay With Ya featuring Memphis rapper Duke Deuce, who is also from Tennessee, and today’s new track is also influenced by Southern rap sounds. As much as he has evolved, today’s release proves that the Chattanooga native isn’t shy about releasing songs on SoundCloud as he prepares...

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TO GOOD OLD – Soul and Jazz and Funk is an independent

Soul and Jazz and Funk is an independent information and review site about soul music compiled by Charles Waring and Bill Buckley, two of the most experienced and respected British writers in the field. The instrumentation is lively, with Florian Maciek playing guitar and powerful live bass, and Simon Plötzeneder tastefully playing trumpet. The new...

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CupcakKe Shares New – In April CupcakKe released the music

In April, CupcakKe released the music video for the song “Mosh Pit.” Last year, “he” released several new singles, including “Mickey,” “Gum,” “Elephant,” “Discounts” and “Lawd Jesus.” “Eden,” “his” latest studio album, was released in 2018, ten months after the release of “Ephorize” that year. Check out “You’ve Got to Hear CupcakKe, the Sexiest Rapper...

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