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Disgraced Label Burger – According to a KEXP article

According to a KEXP article published last September, he said he removed about 20 bands from the label after these allegations, citing Burger’s “zero-tolerance policy.” “Borman hired a woman, Jessa Zapor-Gray, in hopes of changing the label for the better; Zapor-Gray soon decided to resign. The label’s first announcement, when it was to become the...

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Meek Mill – If you follow sports news you remember that

If you follow sports news, you remember that Patriots CEO and owner billionaire Robert Kraft offered prostitution services in Florida, whitewashed Spurs coach Gregg Popovich for his donations to the Trump inaugural committee and vehemently defended Tom Brady when he was suspended after Deflategate. Meek Mill and Jay Z bought Bentley from Robert Kraft, so...

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Kehlani Gives Daughter – I finally found out I was a

I finally found out I was a lesbian. “Kehlani, who has a two-year-old daughter, recently shared how her child’s father, Javon Young-White reacted to her becoming a lesbian. “I have a two-year-old daughter. She’s the best,” Kehlani said on “Pride on Facebook Watch.” Kehlani and Larray’s Excellent Pride Ride – You can watch the full...

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Breakfast Perform Songs – This week Michelle Zauner

This week Michelle Zauner released Jubilee her third album under the Japanese Breakfast label. She directed her own music videos for the songs “Be Sweet,” “Posing in Bondage” and “Savage Good Boy” from the album, the latter of which stars Michael Imperioli of the TV series The Sopranos. Michelle Zauner, from Japanese Breakfast, Las Vegas,...

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Meek Mill Calls – In addition to eliminating jail time for

In addition to eliminating jail time for technical parole violations, the “Less is More” bill would also improve procedures, speed up hearings and provide credit for time earned for those on community supervision. As a victim of the prison system, Meek Mill has in recent years advocated for reforms that would provide a more level...

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