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To celebrate the company’s 19th birthday, Google is bringing back 19 of its most beloved Doodle games and Search easter eggs via a “Surprise spinner.”

As detailed by Google, the spinner can be accessed by simply searching “Google birthday surprise spinner.” Most notably, the spinner features the return of Pac-Man, one of the company’s most memorable Doodle games.

The browser version of the arcade classic was the featured Doodle in 2010, in honor of Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary.

Other “Surprises” include tic-tac-toe; a collection of animal sounds; a version of cricket in which you play as a cricket; and Google’s latest Search easter egg, a modern take on the classic mobile game Snake.

In addition to being featured in a playable Google Doodle, Pac-Man was integrated into Google maps back in 2015.

In more recent Pac-Man news, the arcade classic is coming to the world of competitive gambling as Pac-Man Battle Casino.