Williams is known around the world as a toaster with an original sound system, and although the world does not stand at his door to enjoy and celebrate the British Caribbean community and black culture this year, he ensures that with the restart t is still a feeling. The second single from his forthcoming album “Soundkilla Mindset due out in September, “Rocking Style”, “Mr Teasing” brings us together with the album covers, hand-drawn, unique collection of handwritten texts and visual elements that show a clear new direction for a reggae feel. Full of vital energy, abundance and diverse timing, the two singles set the tone for the lyrical boldness, narrative power and even a pinch of social and political issues one would expect from a 10-track album with Mr. “Soundkilla Mindset” with the release of the previous single “Lyrics Collection”. The sound system is ready when the trumpets, bass roar and sirens sound, thanks to the acknowledged collaboration of two of Britain’s biggest reggae stars. Mr. Williamz invites the listener to discover his passion for drawing and art, along with his story as a lyricist. Williams is the leading publication of the former BBC Artist of the Year in the UK. Williamz in the Heart and was produced by a specialist Moss. Williams and Top Cat for the new single “Rocking Style”. The duo stands out for its artistic excellence and combines its experience, full of versatility and charisma, for contemporary collaboration. Williams with award-winning owner of “Top Cat” Mancunion. Sounkilla Mindset is a Mr. with his roots in West London, home of the world famous Notting Hill Carnival, Mr. Williams and the award-winning Mancunion Top Cat.

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