The biggest compliment I can give you is that when you listen to “Blind”, you get the impression that it is an American recording, perhaps invented by Rahsaan Patterson or the aforementioned Eric Benet. Yes, the title is not particularly original, but the treatment is, but if you want something a little heavier, there is the sinister “Contra la pared” and the a-cappella “Cadenas”, which go back to Mr. Bailey’s gospel roots. The predominant flavor of the 11 trackers is the neo-soul sound, most of the tracks are solid and tasteful, with soul grooves in the middle of the tempo. The highlight is a sweet ballad, “I Really Don’t Think That,” which combines the best of Philadelphia’s soul bands with the sound of the Boyz II Men. Jason Lee Bailey is a soul and gospel musician from Sheffield, yes, back in Yorkshire. He’s highly recommended, as is the whole album. For something completely different, there’s a bonus track – “Sunny Day” – as optimistic as the title suggests. In 2018, “he” “set off” on “his” own with “his” self-written “Open Set”, which somehow disappeared under the radar. And it’s the harmonies of the whole album that are the main attraction. Take a look at the single “Je t’aime” to understand what I mean.

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