Ohio State opens the season at Indiana on Thursday night, the culmination of an offseason that saw a lot of changes, but expectations are always the same for the Buckeyes.

Ohio State’s senior quarterback shouldn’t have to be anything more than efficient for Ohio State to crush nearly everyone on the schedule, but t were times he couldn’t pull off basic parts of the offense last season with the type of consistency expected of a veteran.

Will Ohio State have a big-play threat at running back?

Last year’s Big Ten Freshman of the Year Mike Weber brought more thunder than lightning last season, and his iffy hamstring might prevent him from changing that narrative, at least early in the season.

Despite losing three players to the first round of the NFL draft, Ohio State shouldn’t have a talent deficit in the defensive secondary.

Kicker has been a sore subject at times – never more than the end of last season when Tyler Durbin missed two kicks apiece against Michigan and Clemson.