Cardale Jones has started all seven games, yet what has happened after that each game been all over the quarterback map.

He’s played not at all, as the redzone quarterback and now as the redzone quarterback and more, finishing the game Saturday after taking full control in the third and fourth quarter against Penn State.

The Buckeyes haven’t dominated every game, but the offense has looked better the last two weeks, so does Urban Meyer care if he starts the game with one quarterback and finishes with another?

“First of all, I care about these players. And you try to win a game at whatever cost. However you can do it. And the offensive job is to secure the ball, limit the turnovers. That’s two games that are six for six in the redzone. So I’m very extremely pleased with this.”

If Jones is playing well, then great, Barrett does the redzone plays to keep the quarterback run game alive and otherwise it’s the Cardale show.

“The number one job we have is to win football games. Whoever can help us to do that at the time – at the time – is what we’ll do. And that could be if our tight end isn’t hot we’ll go to all wide receivers. We’ll go in any direction we need to go in during a game to win a game.”