Imagine if he stays skinny for a while, okay? I’m young, people try me, and then you hear this tune and think, “Em! This song served me well in the past. This song somehow reflects the line I’m going to follow because I’m often called a hip-hop artist, but then I do ominous things and then I have drillers in the band. If you get the right messages from what he says, then you actually have to work hard, you just have to drag it out to succeed. It’s very hard for people to tell you things when it comes to hard work and stuff like that. His new and unhealthy Big Talk Vol 1 mix cassette is a bit “your” and shows impressive versatility, even compared to the big screen of “your” last album, Wizville and perhaps “your” best work so far. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but if you follow my lies, all the artists I hear will come straight from Brixton. When he warms up to his theme, Ocean Wisdom speaks like he with maliciously precise enthusiasm, methodically working on ideas with style and imagination. It was a complex song, but at the same time it was very commercial because it was very unhealthy. “Teflon Young is one of my favorite artists, he’s incredibly cold. Listen to the mix from the first volume of “Ocean Wisdom” below. Dizzy and the Ghettos are the people who taught me the basics, “him”, him and then more advanced cuisine. Growing up in a mixed race, growing up in England is like pushing into a box, and it makes you want to hit and crush the box. “It’s an introduction to his Mixtape Bags And Boxes 3, but he could choose any song from Blade. Ocean Wisdom is considered one of our most experienced and versatile vocabularies and highlights the composers who inspired it to listen to the microphone. And when he talks about her inspiration, he quickly warms up on the subject.

Ocean Wisdom