Now the band is coming back with a new song “Bumpin’ On” which contains more or less the same song w the song “Sittin’ In” was placed. It means that t is a lot of funk and a solid, raw, organic and lively soul with a European flavour. The EMINENT STARS, founded by saxophonist Ben Mendez and drummer Tun Oomen, is a European instrumental ensemble of soul, funk and blues inspired by the music of New Orleans in the 60s and 70s. A few years ago we heard of it for the last time with the album “Sittin’ In”, which contained a lot of metal inspiration training, especially the discovery of “Ben’s Dungeon” and the lively and rare “Jumping Beans”. The focus is on the song “Bar Shift” – the story of a drunk at the disco and the atmosp of “Let’s Team Up”. Registration takes just a few minutes and provides more opportunities.