This shoe has a completely black upper, but like last year’s “White Skeleton” model, it has a bone foot pattern on the side. Since this model is black, the skeleton shines in the dark, which is perfect when you go to a haunted house. Based on rumors from earlier versions, it looks like they’ll drop to $130 on Friday October 25, although t’s nothing confirmed, so stay tuned. Halloween is almost , which means that many of you are probably already thinking about the type of costume you are going to wear this year. One of the most common and classic costumes is the black and white skeleton. Nike wants to make sure that people are ready for Halloween, and you have to admire the boldness of the look. These kicks are perfect for your Halloween costume. If you’ve ever worn this costume before, you know how the shoe can ruin the whole cut. Tell me about the New Hip Hop news.

Nike Air Force Skeleton