Toronto YouTube star Nicole Arbour exploded the stereotype of the polite Canadian with her viral video “Dear Fat People.” The September clip, featuring infamous lines such as “They smell like sausages, and I don’t think they even ate sausages; that’s just their natural aroma” – which she calls a “Bomb of truth” for healthier living – has over 30 million views on Facebook.

That’s not true at all! Little kids and people who want to be offended are writing rude things, but I would say 90 per cent of people … are supporting me.

Well from what I’ve read on your Facebook page and YouTube page, it seems like a lot of people were personally hurt.

Those same people are forgetting that I say, hey, we want you to stay around longer.

I’m not upset at all! I’m excited! I’m so glad so many people watched it.

One of the criticisms I read was that you don’t care about people’s health and you just want to raise your own profile and get likes.

Um, bulls–? People can think whatever they want about other people.