Nicole Arbour has yet again resorted to offensive and hasty judgments in her latest YouTube video, “Why abortion is incorrect.”

Arbour, a YouTube comedienne of recent infamy, came to the public eye when several stars took to the site to express their contempt in a video she posted about her view on fat shaming.

In her newest video, she starts, “Today we are planning to speak about abortions because it has been tearing up my insides. Sorry, that was sick.” Contrary to the title, Arbour tried to make an argument supporting her stance and defended the custom of abortion.

In the video, Arbour asserts fat shaming is the coming of those who find themselves heavy and that shaming those who are overweight is recommended.

Arbour’s video is merely another type of discrimination and cyberbullying.

She isn’t apologetic whatsoever for her video , and it has defended herself multiple times, including during an interview on The View w she promised, “That video was made to pique folks, just the way I do with all the other videos. It is just satire.”