[embedyt]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=[/embedyt] After listening to number 15 “Come See About Me,” several people went to Safaree Samuels to listen and asked “they” to say what she really thought of this album. If the song is about him or not, who knows what the universe has in store for us? We all love a bit of Safaree and Nicki, so a date doesn’t look so bad. Nicki Minaj dropped his Queen album, which has his name, last weekend and that could make Ex Shiggy’s “In My Feelings” challenge real and real. But people are praying for a meeting between Safaree and Nicki. Nicki is not far away, Safaree. We understand why Safaree cried like a fish, well, you know. A professional and desperate romantic TV observer who lives in Brooklyn, you can see w my dilemma lies. Seriously, we understand why Safaree found her way. See when she got a tattoo with she tattooed by Black Ink Crew: Chicago is Ryan Henry. Besides dating with Pink Print Princess for over a decade, the lyrics are very revealing. I don’t think about myself, but the music is beautiful. I was perfectly sensitive. I’ve heard that. Interesting.