Nicki are unhappy inaj criticized the rappers who attacked 6ix9ine, saying that all the rappers were mixing with people of dubious origin. 6ix9ine commented on the video saying, “People who don’t like Nicki are unhappy in their own skin. “Watch the Instagram Live clip w Nicki Minaj and 6ix9ine talk about the complaint below and let us know if you agree with it. “I think the rappers need to make it easier, because everyone blends in and integrates with everyone else, and when a management rat now calls one of you unsigned rappers to sign, everyone signs. “Tekashi 6ix9ine chose you,” to say it louder for those who might have lost “their” point. Nicki also said that artists “always take up space with people with an unclear past, and I don’t judge anyone, because that’s the way it is, I don’t do that. She said that she had respect for so many “of these people” and that she “would never fake my face to talk about it like a crazy person. “She” then mentioned Kenneth Petty. In recent days, Nicki has become a target for pessimists after it was revealed that she had decided to work with the state’s rapper informant in “Trollz”, but although t have been calls saying that no one should work with 6ix9ina, her numbers are steadily increasing. During her talk, Nicki talked about the 6ix9ine informant controversy and why rappers can’t call 6ix9ine. As promised, Nicki Minaj and 6ix9ine joined forces on Instagram Live when fans and critics joined the series. “The n*ggas on the street have every right to feel whatever they want to feel when they speak because they live this life,” said Nicki Minaj. You want to talk about people who don’t write who are rapping one minute and the next minute they’re doing songs with people who don’t write rap. So let’s be clear when we’re talking about rappers versus street N*ggas. They’re rappers who are always putting guns into music that they’ve never used in their lives, so let’s not talk about rappers. But if someone talks about the integrity of hip-hop, it’s a problem, but everyone can talk about the integrity of these streets and not the snitches. My husband says to me, “You know, I can’t support that. And I respect “him,” because he’s lived a different life. “We’re not gonna ” – When a pied piper asks you to sign, you all sign. You want him to be able to rap one minute and walk down the street the next.