For our latest cover, we talked to the Atlanta superstar, who can be read , and about his recent podcast episode, he made Nick Cannon talk about romance, and the actor admitted that he doesn’t want to remarry. After his divorce from Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon is no longer interested in exchanging votes with a woman for the rest of his “life. When the subject of polyamorous encounters was discussed, Nick admitted that he respects this concept, but that he wants to be alone forever. Nick Cannon is satisfied with himself until the end of his life. He was the guest of the last episode of ExpediTIously, in which he explained why he hadn’t knelt down quickly. In the short term, the new T.I. ExpediTIously podcast has become one of the most popular hip hop shows on the air. Tip is one of the most influential men in the music industry and every time he opens his mouth, you know that some intellectual magic will spread through the air. I gave it all because before I didn’t believe in marriage, but in shit, it was Mariah Carey. “The reason for our separation had nothing to do with infidelity or anything else,” Cannon says of his ex-wife. “But I knew I wouldn’t remarry once he turned his back on me. “I had a tattoo on my neck, I’m fine,” he said. Tell me about the New Hip Hop news. This construction is not for me.

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