The cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer recently came together to stage a reunion for the show’s 20th anniversary, but one featured player was noticeably left in the dark when it came to a group shot.

Actor Nicholas Brendon, who portrayed the titular slayer’s wisecracking BFF, Alexander “Xander” Harris, throughout the series’ 7-season run from 1997 to 2003, was now to be seen in the video preview offered by Entertainment Weekly for an upcoming issue based around the iconic, supernaturally-themed show.

Brendon does appear in a separate reunion shot with Whedon, which Hollywood Life shared.

Despite the glaring reunion shot omission, Nicholas recently relayed to The Observer that he still holds Buffy very close to his heart.

Incidentally, Brendon’s post-Buffy life may hold the key as to why he wasn’t seen in the group reunion picture.

EW’s Buffy reunion issue is scheduled to hit newsstands in the coming days.

Update: A new image from the Buffy reunion shoot featuring actor Nicholas Brendon with the entire cast has since been shared by EW. The publication has not expressed a reason for the delay.