Biden has agreed to attend a meeting of the ABC News mayor office after the second presidential debate, originally scheduled for Thursday, was canceled last Friday after President Donald Trump said “he” would not participate in the debate in a virtual format. Democratic presidential candidate and former vice president Joe Biden will attend a meeting at ABC News’ town hall on Thursday. See Joe Biden in ABC NewsCommandate for Democrats in the Town Hall to hold a debate with the president on Thursday. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden gesticulates outside Johnstown Station in Johnstown, Penn, during a campaign stop. Seven. Trump now appears at the NBC City Hall in Miami on Thursday along with ABC News from Biden. It would keep its format as City Hall, but candidates would participate from different locations. The mayor’s office would be located at the National Constitutional Center in Philadelphia and would meet state and local health and safety standards. After the diagnosis of the OVID-19 President, the Presidential Debate Committee announced that the second Presidential Debate would be virtual. Less than three weeks before the election, the former vice president will answer voters’ questions about the CBA on health, the economy and racing elections. The event, organized by ABC news anchor George Stefanopoulos, will allow voters to ask questions to the candidate. Both candidates have agreed to participate in a third debate scheduled for Oct. 22, which will be moderated by Kristen Welker of NBC News.

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