In Philadelphia, from Liberty Bell to Whole Foods, André has been seen more than a dozen times, each time dressed in striped monkeys who make beautiful music with his double Mayan flute. Friday, right? The new music you want? Well, we have it for you. Last month half of OutKast’s rapduo, André 3000, was seen playing the Maia double flute at an airport terminal. After a short stay in Australia, she moved to the United Kingdom at the end of 2018, w she worked as a freelance translator and interpreter before joining the Music Crows team. Music Crowns is the global platform for the discovery of music artists, the hallmark of the world’s best non-subscriptions, independent and newly signed music artists. Pending a flight to Philadelphia, Fan Dayna discovered Allen André in an airport terminal in Los Angeles. Russ Jackson, a fan who discovered André at certain levels of the Philadelphia Church, asked him about his choice of instruments. After graduating from Waseda University in Tokyo with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Media, Nicole temporarily moved to Toronto, w she worked as a freelancer for Drake’s fashion brand OVO in Japan. André 3000, the real name of André Lauren Benjamin, is in town and is working on a new television programme, Dispatches from Elsew.

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