Since CORTR came on stage in 2017 with a new explosive arrangement from San Holo “ I Still See Your Face”, CORTR has quickly proved to be one of the most exciting beginner bassists of our time. New Noise” is Dim Mac’s new musical journey into the world of discovery, focused on the innovative sounds of emerging artists of all genres. His music combines his childhood love of alternative, nudist rock with his passion for electronic music and hip-hop, resulting in a very charged and emotionally rich soundscape. In “Hurtful Things”, CORTR is supported by a young MICA producer who has released his official remixes for artists such as Galantis and Ian Munro. New Noise” began in 2010 as a series of new facial compilations selected by Steve Aoki and his team. Combining Mica’s vibrant sound design with the strong influence of CORTR, these two producers produce the best in the New Zealand underground. By 2015, the platform became available for free download as a biweekly single-based model. By continuing to use this site, you agree to its use.