Funk with “Midnight Train” and R &B ballad “Whales in the Ocean”, previously unpublished, complete this impressive debut album, which will mark Tamaraebi’s name in the ever-changing British music scene. Friday, right? Do you want new music? Well, we have it for you. Tamaraebi stands out from her contemporary colleagues with an instantly recognizable soundtrack that makes she the bearer of tomorrow’s soul torch and RnB music and genres with her inimitable iterations in her new EP “Heaven’s Gate”. The ongoing contemplation of his personal relationship with God and faith, and the awareness that music and religion can be extraordinarily interchangeable and interwoven, have led to the essence of much of Tamaraebi’s material. Music Crowns is the global platform for the discovery of music artists, the gateway to the world’s finest independent and newly signed unsigned music artists. The latest albumHey’ is full of rich and sensual sounds that complement the melodic and jazz production with a wild story of not showing love. The five-step EP begins with “Innocence”, Tamaraebi’s first album, a sensual and seductive song that anchored the musician’s introduction to his audience. The following creations are all highly intelligent, intuitive and insightful deconstructions of the human character, internal flaws and internal struggles that are usually felt through elegantly woven notes and stories that are perfectly interwoven. This is followed by “Heavens Gate”, an instantly seductive and emotionally charged album with an infectious instrumentalist with a soft, velvety voice that resembles The Weeknd, DVSN and Miguel. Religion is a sound mainly rooted in the gospel, and has remained a guiding principle in Tamaraebi’s repertoire, which can even be found in the title of his EP, Heaven Gate.