From the weekly album releases to the independent singles that fall every day, the amount of music is so large that it’s easy to let something fall through the net. This week we’ve seen Lana Del Rey new album, as well as Rocky’s first music offering since his right-wing drama in Sweden. Following Uproxx’s recommendations on a daily basis can be a lot, so every Monday we’ll give you this overview of last week’s best song. The album includes piano ballads, dream pop, a sublime cover version and even psychedelic rock. The good news is that if you take care of all this, waiting for their next album can’t take long, because Del Rey is already working on it. Lana Del Rey’s last full-length work touches many foundations, which may be expected of an artist of the calibre of “your” artist. Yes, it was a great week for the new song. Following the evolution of new music can be tiring, if not impossible. Read our article about Norman F*cking Rockwell . Check out the following highlights.