Christian rap artist Warlick, who met with fans in the country thanks to his appearance on Granger Smith remix “That’s why I love dirt roads,” reminds us of rural life and the unifying message “black, white and Hispanic people get together to have fun. “The Stella Choir is the perfect complement to Warlick’s oral verse. Gayton, who with songs such as “Black Like Me” and “What Are You Gonna Tell Her” served as a country music conscience about social issues, shows her with six songs on this EP. This new interpretation reveals new vulnerabilities, even in such lightweight and funny figures as “Bottle Hole” and “Overscher”. The “Queen of the Return home”, which is already scanty in its original form, moves from the acoustic guitar on the piano to give it an extra touch of fragility. Payne is honestly playing his country Bonafide: his mother is country singer Sammy Smith, and his father Jody Payne plays with Willie Nelson, while his namesake Waylon is his godfather Jennings. The title track, accompanied by a dance rhythm, tries to find common ground in these times of separation, while the rose is a cheerful and mesmerizing greeting from “your” favorite drink “the beauty of the rose”. 1, Combs, his band members and his new wife Nicole meet since 1996 and night on the local dance floor, w the growing Combs is already in love with his future partner and misses her. Although she does not have time for him at first, Combs seduces her, partly because her guitar plays a video game. All these influences can be found on Payne’s first full-length album in 16 years, but the pain and redemption that he seeks in these songs is all “his”. Dan + Neck’s beautiful multi-layered ballad has been reduced to piano and vocals and continues to shine like a diamond, mainly thanks to the supernatural vocal performance of Neck Mooney. While already in the foreground in Dan Smeyer’s beautiful radio version, Mooney’s voice is astounding when he plays high notes with obvious ease. The ballerina takes Kelsea’s March album and reinvents the songs in this standby set. The first duets “Half My Home” with Kenny Chesney and “The Other Girl” with Halsea are solo and soul. Gayton’s voice has no equal, and it is expected that one day they will be caught by national radio.