Allan convincingly sells this warning story because he is trying to warn some poor fool not to buy drinks for a woman, because Allan already knows how he will end up stealing his Pearl Jam shirt, sleeping with his friends, ruining his favorite song and the world of pain. Rodney Dilliard is the only survivor of the original line-up, but he joins a strong unity in the new stage and famous fans: Don Henley, Ricky Scaggs, Sharon and Cheryl White, Herb Pedersen, Bernie Lidon and Sam Bush. Randy Travis, who lost his voice after his shot a few years ago, comes to Turner’s affectionate interpretation of “Forever, Amen”. “Maddy and Tay, Runaway June, Alison Moorer and Chris Jenson also join Turner. John Anderson joins Turner for his 1993 remake of Anderson’s “I’ve Got It Made”, as does Christofferson for his “Why Me” standard, supported by Turner’s particularly moving performance. This is his first country album in three years, and the ensemble marks a long-awaited return, especially as he meets his with some of his musical and contemporary characters. The thermometer shows three figures on most of the country, but Parton immediately leads the listener to winter with a his edifying and emotional interpretation of A Holly Dolly’s Christmas classics “Mary, Did You Know” in October. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Dilliards were the main crossroads between bluegrass, country and rock and influenced several artists, including Elton John. Singing in the front row, you can hear Parton before he explodes into the chorus before he goes to intermezzo, w Parton speaks directly to Mary and blesses her. The main theme of the next duo’s album is a swampy, thundering country rock that you can feel right down to your toes. “I heard you sneaking off into the sunset,” T.J. Osborne sings until the guitars and organs screamed. At the age of 25, Beethard went through a lot, including taking down a bad record deal, founding him as a father, and the terrible murder of his little brother in December. The Beathard Baritone is the perfect complement to this collection of classic country songs. T.J. Osborne and John Osborne of The Osborne Brothers will perform at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in February. Turner’s skillful selection and solid voice guarantee a winning ensemble from start to finish.