Try it’ – which is blessed with a guest verse from none other than J-Cole, followsAddiction’ and’K’. R.I.T.T.T.T Here‘s the last single from the album. Before their next album Heaven Surrounds You, released on September 13, the two artists took a look at the future of their latest singleMidnight Cowboy’. Friday, right? You want some new music? Well, we have it for you. Minimalist and artistic,Don’t Let A Good Girl Down’ is the perfect thematic choice to capture the essence of the new album because it’s about overcoming the toxicity and bad intentions of critics. Midnight Cowboy’ is an Indian neon song soaked in neon, inspired by the film of the same name, winner of an Oscar in 1969, both in lyrics and sound, and perfectly adapted to a summer aesthetic. With a dreamy R&B colored voice,Tus manos’ consolidates the 20-year-old artist as an artist to be seen in the coming months. After his “first single” New Girl, the Toronto singer-songwriter, GRAE returns with “Your Hands”. After a brief stay in Australia, she moved to the UK at the end of 2018, w she worked as a freelance translator and performer before joining the Music Crowns team. It’s been almost two years since we last heard singer Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85, also known as Toronto R&B Duo, dvsn, winner of the Grammy Award.

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