[embedyt]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=[/embedyt] Lucy Lou, Johan, Oscar Schoeller, Eagle Gartland and “Outer Space” are playlists that cannot be turned off. Luke, actually Luke Bauer, shared the video of the new single “Adonis”. Music C Crons is a global platform for the discovery of music artists, a hallmark of the best unsigned, independent and recently signed artists in the world. In 2018, she became a music publisher at Vegan Connections and then joined the Music Crows team as a companion and digital assistant. Outdoors”, the name of Baltimore singer and songwriter Kara Beth Satalino, shared the second single from her upcoming album “Gazing Globe”. Friday, right? Want some new music? Well, we have this for you. Listen to the full version of the New Music Friday playlist in the Music Crowns Spotify section. Matt Wills, a singer and songwriter from Kent/London, has shared his new single “Just Us”, which is fun and slow to burn. I thought about the modern music industry and that it was full of music content. Adonis plays with original and exciting music and an intimate and compelling voice from Bowers. HTTP404 falls later this year in collaboration with Lily Allen, Ashnikko, Havlock and Sarah Midori Perry de Bonito. Cuco and Jean Carter have made a new single called “Bossa No Sé”. Los Angeles returns with his fourth album of the year “Smile Like An Idiot”. Happy Friday! We’re still thinking about David Hasselhoff’s next heavy metal project.