Based on various influences, it was John Mayer who expanded their musical horizons and gave them a real insight into the complexity and fascinating nature of good pop music. Lemonade is full of sunny rhythms and soft guitar lilies. Jason Mraz and John Mayer inspired them to create a rich soundscape, a dreamy ode for the last summer months. Music Crowns is a worldwide platform for music artists to discover, a place w the best unsigned, independent and newly hired music artists can come. Lemonade” tries to take the bad with the good, and the thought that we can’t live in a constant state of happiness is a step towards keeping it,” the duo explains. From his 6-track project, Nanky has released a new track, “Quansimah”. Singer Soul R&B Jeaux once again introduced a new track “Soul food”. We had half a song called “Honey-Sweet” which didn’t make any sense, but we liked the lyrics, so the first verse was based on that song. Is it Friday? Do you want new music? Well, we have it for you. Anisha draws a wave of emotions about the new song “Labyrinth”. Nadia Wahe is from Atlanta, but has since moved to Los Angeles, California. MONTKLARE, N.J. – December. New Jersey – January.