John Powell is an Oscar-nominated composer of cartoons such as How to Teach Your Dragon and Kung Fu Panda. “Although he is not part of Looney’s new melodies, he feels the influence of Carl Stalling so strongly that he uses a certain Richter scale with directors whom he calls the Stalling song. This year new series Looney Tunes celebrates the 90 anniversary, and HBO Max releases a new series of cartoons and a new soundtrack written by Joshua Moshier. Joshua Moshier has brought Carl Stowling spirit to new “Looney Tunes” HBO Max and has added some “pure” twists, as bebop. This year Looney Tunes celebrates its 90th anniversary and HBO Max releases a new series of cartoons and a new Joshua Moshier soundtrack. The new author of songs Looney Tunes, Joshua Moshir, should take a place Akme. He used the same techniques that he learned as an organist, acting in silent films, reacting to monkeys on screen, improvising and using existing classical plays and popular tunes. TIM GREIVING, BYLINE: New “Looney Tunes” always starts with this theme. But the most important thing he has taken the place of “Stalling” – to write seriously funny music. The good thing about “Looney Tunes” is that it’s cartoons. Carl Stalling was a great cartoon kahuna. And it wasn’t Looney Tunes if it wasn’t crazy.

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