In 2017, Noah and his partner Jonathan Johnson Verhaal decided to launch Verhaal after they became aware of a shortage of independent artists. So they pooled their knowledge, connections and more than 20 years of combined experience and launched in 2020. Music Crowns is a global platform for music artist discovery, a benchmark for the world’s best unsigned, independent and recycled music artists. Alternative artist Lola Menthol has released her new song and music video Never Settle. Lauren Light releases the only link planned. A graduate of St. Petersburg College in Florida, Lauren Light has been working in the studio and on the live music scene since 2012. American family trio SHAED has released a new single, “Once Upon A Time.” Noah has her musical production called St. Pop, singer/songwriter Lauren Light is a force to be reckoned with. After my earlier conversation about the breakup, something I said triggered the idea of “him,” which became the hook for the bandage. Corker Ruth Brosnan returned with another energetic dance piece. My producer Steve and I are very good friends, so him also got a little glimpse into my real life. The artist in the making of “Missinho.

New Electro Pop