In 2017, she showed a video in which she talked about her childhood harassment and described her abusers as “girls in diapers”. “She did not directly describe the color of her bullies, but people did not like her choice of words, and they thought that she referred to black people. Queen Naya told the story of how she was intimidated by “blacks”, “ugly”, “diapers”. Queen Naya seems to have been thinking about her “own” differences for some time and was again discussing the possibility of being labeled as a colorist. Although she has raised this argument repeatedly, Queen Naya returns with another video on the accusation that she is a colorist. Before she became an R&B star, Queen Naya was a YouTube personality who developed the brand through a video network. She added that in the past, she did not understand how she insulted anyone, but now she sees how her words affect people, especially black women. See below as Queen Naya makes a statement on “she.” A year later, she decided to confront the rumors in another video that she posted on YouTube. She was accused of colorism, but she came back to explain the situation in detail. “I feel that melanin is beautiful.” The words I used in the past were probably ignorant. I didn’t know they were ignorant back then because I was used to them. “I was never a colorist. But “your” statement fell on my deaf ears.

Naija Denies