Video YANGON, Myanmar – An earthquake on Wednesday in Myanmar left at least three people dead and badly damaged dozens of ancient temples in the old city of Bagan, government officials said.

The quake caused landslides along the riverbanks and damaged more than 170 Buddhist temples in Bagan.

The area is at the heart of Central Myanmar’s growing tourism industry, which has taken off since the country began a democratic transition in 2011.According to officials from the Myanmar Fire Service Department responding to the quake, an 18-year-old woman and a 6-year-old girl were killed in a landslide in Yenangyaung, 40 miles downriver from the reported epicenter.

Witnesses in Bagan described a harrowing two-minute temblor in the late afternoon that shook the ancient city and alarmed tourists visiting the ancient temples, some of which date back from the 11th century.

Many of the country’s heritage sites in Bagan and surrounding cities were damaged in Wednesday’s quake; the full extent of the damage is not clear.

The earthquake also affected Rakhine State in western Myanmar, w officials said a landmark temple collapsed in the ancient city of Mrauk-U. Saw Nang contributed reporting from Mandalay, Myanmar.