Zachary Scott, also known as Ishun, hails from Horton USA, and is a 16-year-old composer and producer who strives to create music that relates to his personal experience of love and life in general. Music Crowns is a platform for discovering musical artists from around the world, a place w the world’s best unsigned, independent and newly signed music artists come together. Alternative artist Lola Menthol has released her new song and music video Never Settle. SoundDirect is an online public relations company and music promotion agency whose goal is to spread good music and bring attention to her music. Combining lo-fi atmospherics and playful ukulele chords, Ishwan’s insightful lyrics are beautiful and inspiring, without a doubt one of the song’s highlights. The young artist’s new single, “Inside My Mind,” plays his heart out with a mix of clean instruments and passionate vocal lines. The future Missinno artist, meets Missinno.

My Mind