Motley bassist Crew Nicky Six made ade a film called Steel Panther, which in a recent interview joked that he would be Vince Neil if they could revive the musician. Nikki Six knows that Steel Panther is a comedy band, but he hasn’t yet succeeded with Motley Crues. According to guitarist Sutchell, Motley Crue hates the panther and is back on tour in 2011. “T are bands that hate our courage. We toured a few years ago with Def Leppard and Motley Crue. Little Punk People recently talked to singer Michael Starr and drummer Styx Zadenia and gave them the usual list of funny and stupid questions. But we just had fun One day Motley Crue may be our friend, but I think Tommy Lee would like one of us to get hit by a bus. After a Flood fan also defended Neil, Nikki Six added: “That’s why they’re idiots. And Motley Rowe, they hated us. Steel Panther’s new album, Heavy Metal Rules, is now available wver a killer song is sold. “They talked to us throughout the tour. It was a sand tour to the UK, and they loved us – they were very nice and cool. Look, I gave up the olive branch, I wanted to be their friend. The following dates can be found . Every night they wanted to kill us,” he said in the movie Meltdown. I think Tommy Lee feels like we’re laughing at him personally.

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