She’s a Scientist: Kára has a career as a physical scientist at the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

She has a degree in chemistry and concentration in radio chemistry from South Carolina State University, w she was a member of the school’s Honors College, the American Chemical Society, the Health Physics Society, the American Association of Blacks in Engineering and the American Nuclear Society.

Kára has previously stated that she plans to pursue a career in nuclear pharmacy.

She Cares About Kids: Kára funds a science program for kids, called Science Exploration for Kids, which she does all by herself, according to Refinery29.

She’s Going Au Naturale: Instead opting to wear her hair in silky smooth locks like many women, Kára decided to wear her natural for the beauty pageant.

She’s Got All Kids of Hair Tips: Kára’s got loads of hot tips on anyone who wants to make the transition from straight to natural hair.

She added, “Stay away from combs and brushes and use your fingers to detangle and style. Try to keep your hair in a tight bun as much as you can for the first two years of your transition. When I transitioned from heat-damaged, straight hair to my natural curl again I wore a bun for two years!”.

Clearly her brave decision paid off! Congrats, Kára!.