Last night brought the season premier bringing the iconic late night sketch comedy show into its 41st season.

Coming back from the summer break is consistently hard for a cast and team that puts together the show in only one week, and last night was no exception.

Check out my complete report on the Miley Cyrus Saturday Night Live episode below

For each review, I will break down the sketches by The Best, The Average as well as The Worst of the night time, having another section for Weekend Update.

I’ll also evaluate how well the host performed and name an MVP of the night before wrapping it up.

Thus let’s run through last night’s sketches.

I can’t help but feel like this was missing something to make it a better sketch.

50s Dance – there is a part of me that wishes this sketch was saved for a time when someone like Miley Cyrus wasn’t the host.

At least we got to see Kenan Thompson do some of this uproarious shouting that makes every sketch better.