Mike’s determination and skill soon made him a sought after musician, and although he never took piano lessons or read the notes, he became a regular keyboard player in major bands when he toured with Emily Sand Ella May, Miss Banks, JP Cooper, Jocelyn Brown and especially Mike Skinner, w his musical contribution is still an important part of The Streets’ sound. The release on SBTV of a compelling video accompanied by “Martin, Malcolm, Marvin”, a powerful and emotional jazz composition that recreates dark scenes of contemporary reality with media acronyms, segregation and atrocities around the world, comes in addition to the enriching and hopefully growing scene of peaceful protest and unity that ends with Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. He made the front page of Glastonbury in 2019 with Mike Skinner, wrote and recorded with Idris Elba, and was supported by the music giant Yamaha as a keyboard ambassador, making him the first black British artist to perform on the 45th anniversary of the company in Japan in 2019. As a successful pianist, keyboardist, composer, producer and arranger, Mike Patrick is a versatile and technically flawless musician: “This album is the expression of a part of my life journey. Music Crowns is a worldwide platform for finding music artists, a point of contact for the world’s best unsigned, independent and newly recruited music artists. At a time of such social upheaval, the release of Mike Patrick’s album “The Piano” could not have taken place at a more spicy moment. The company was designed by industry professionals for people who are looking for a passionate team to join them and create a personalized campaign to promote their product. Their team is open and thrives not only on beginners and established artists, but is known to bring in the newest, rarest and often most exciting new talents. Stay up to date with Mike Patrick and keep an eye on his contacts for upcoming releases and much more. Is it Friday? Would you like some new music? Well, we have this for you.

Mike Patrick Unveils