Our goal in writing this article was to help you as an artist to find the best variant of professional mixing and mastering of your music, we compared 5 different services and almost immediately conducted research on 5 different sites, because it was clear that Mike’s Mix & Master would outsource these 5 sites, and it was our first choice. At the time, Internet technology was becoming increasingly fast and reliable, so Michael decided to offer mixing and mastering services to musicians who used their “own” site as a portal to mix the artist’s recordings in their “own” private studio without leaving home. Michael Cushion Jr. has more than 15 years of experience in mixing and mastering all styles of music professionally, he also has experience as an artist, which makes it easier for him to identify with musicians, know their difficulties and understand how to achieve the desired results for each artist. In 2009, professional sound engineer Michael Cushion Jr. Comparing the prices of “Top 3” mixers and mastering companies, Mike’s Mix & Master has always stood out as the cheapest and cheapest option of mixing and mastering, with the best price/quality ratio. Here are 6 reasons why Mike’s Mix & Master is one of the best options when it comes to mixing and mastering your music online. Mike’s Mix and Master was founded in 2009 and was the first company to offer online mixing and mastering around the world.o. B. Mike’s Mix & Master has worked with more than 15 major labels including Apple, ReverbNation and MTV. Mixing and mastering music are two different but equally important processes in the audio production process. Over the years, other engineers have seen Michael’s great success and have constantly created their own online mixing and mastering sites. Since then, they have been a world leader in mixing and mastering independent brands and big brands. During the mixing process, the recorded audio tracks are mixed with the equalizer, compression and additional effects such as reverberation and deceleration, and the volume, frequency, dynamics and spatial positioning are balanced. When the mix is complete and ready, the stereo file will be adjusted so that the music is clearly polished and the mix is large, wide, loud and noisy.

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