The second-focused solely on Dougie Jones/Comatose Coop-is tender, funny, moving, and satisfying.

Becky Johnson sets the tone with her vocal-cord-shattering screams reminiscent of Sheryl Lee’s tortured Laura performance in “Fire Walk With Me.” Becky steals mother Shelly’s car and nearly kills her as Shelly climbs atop the hood of the car, Jackie Kennedy style, in a vain attempt to stop her demonic daughter.

In the space of less than five minutes, we learn that Becky is the daughter of Bobby and Shelly, that Bobby and Shelly are separated, that Shelly is going out with the creepy drug dealer Red, and that shots have been fired at Big Ed’s Gas Farm.

The episode settles down with Dougie Jones in a drawn-out piece of schtick worthy of Las Vegas.

Basically, the Mitchum Brothers plan to murder Dougie, since Patrick Fischler and Mr. C convinced them that Dougie cheated them out of their $30 million insurance claim.

Dougie’s boxer boss arranges for Dougie to give them back a check for exactly $30 million.

The Mitchums plan to kill Dougie in a “Breaking Bad”-ish desert; but on the way t, Bradley Mitchum is having second thoughts.

The lady slot-addict stumbles upon Dougie and thanks him profusely for his jackpot prediction; she is now cleanly dressed, a home- and dog-owner, and has reunited with her long-lost son Denver.

Dale Cooper is still not himself; he is Mr. Jackpots to the slot-machine addict, Dougie Jones to the Mitchums.