The rest of the round was spent on top with Tate, inside Eye’s half guard.

Tate peppered Eye with left elbow strikes, while Eye was content to hang on with a lockdown half guard, command Tate’s position with her arms, and ride out the clock.

As Eye reeled backwards, Tate followed up with more punches and tripped her to the ground.

Tate locked on a guillotine in the top location and arched her back for the finish, but Eye’s half guard prevented the choke from being completed.

With seconds left in the round, Eye rescinded positions, began to pass Tate’s guard and finished the period at the top.

Eye began to score more with kicks, particularly an inside lead one that reddened the knee of Tate.

After the ignorant crowd called for it, boorishly, referee Yves Lavigne made among the most intrusive stand-up calls in recent MMA history when he given Eye the assistance and stopped Tate from attacking the back and driven both girls back to their feet.