Rapaport sprung to James’s defense in a video posted to his Twitter account.

“I’m apologizing in advance, I know this is going to offend some women. But I had to do it,” Rapaport began.

Rapaport frequently posts profanity-laced tirades to his social media accounts, and has previously taken aim at both the president and Vice President Mike Pence.

In August, the Atypical actor called White House advisor Jared Kushner a “Penny-pinching, pissing-while-you-sit-punk” and told him to “Take the f-king dreidel out of your ass.”

Rapaport was fired from his other job at Barstool Sports on Sunday after tweeting that the sports website’s fans had “Lost in life.”

“You fired f-k. Of course you’re fired, Rapaport, what the f-k did you think was gonna happen?” Barstool founder Dave Portnoy told the actor in an “Emergency press conference” video issued from his bed.

“I never fire people. I’m firing someone before I’ve gotten out of bed Just f-king keep your mouth shut sometimes.”