Richt indicated Wednesday t’s a good chance Donaldson doesn’t move back.

Richt said he was hesitant to move Donaldson outside because of how well he was performing at guard.

“We thought we might have some answers out t [at tackle], but part of the reason we had so many sacks was we just couldn’t even get off of the snap,” Richt said.

Even with four upperclassmen and a potential star in Donaldson anchoring the offensive line, Richt acknowledged t is still plenty of work to do at the position.

While Richt said the quarterback battle is still ongoing, the coach said Rosier is still “Way out in front” compared to his fellow quarterbacks when it comes to adapting on the fly.

“Sometimes, your quarterback needs to redirect who the [middle] linebacker is and things of that nature, help the line out in protection. Malik understands that fully and gets us in the right spot,” Richt said.