I cannot tell you the Dolphins are about to make a magical last-to-first vault that we’ve sometimes seen in past NFL years and even saw from the 2008 Dolphins.

Neither am I going to tell you the Dolphins are a 2015 cellar dweller that renewed their lease at the bottom of the AFC East.

Come to think of it, that’s what I am certain I see when I look at these Dolphins.

If you watched the Dolphins play the Atlanta Falcons in the so-called regular season dress rehearsal Thursday night, you know the secondary is troubled.

The lone exclamation point among a herd of question marks in the Dolphins secondary is Reshad Jones, who had a dozen or so impactful plays last season, and came up with another – an interception – against Atlanta.

The Dolphins say their secondary issues will be minimized because of their great pass rush.

The Dolphins offense promises to be interesting this season because when it’s over we’ll know if.

If the Dolphins get good news on these issues, most importantly on the Tannehill issue, the offense is going to hum this season.