Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas blasted Khalifa with an Instagram post showing the ex-pornstar attempting to slide into his DM’s over the stretch of a few days last week.

In the screenshot, Khalifa is shown asking Arenas if he’d be interested in getting dinner with her while she was out in Los Angeles.

When he doesn’t answer her, she tries to message him again the next day by sending him a few cocktail emojis.

The former porn star would try to message him two more times, but Arenas never answers her.

Instead the ex-Wizards guard chose to take a page out of Khalifa’s book by posting her attempts on Instagram.

Willson Contreras slides into Mia Khalifa’s DMs, gets rejected.

Following “Agent Zero’s” Instagram post, Khalifa posted a tweet saying “Don’t meet your heroes,” in response to Arenas.

Khalifa has been known to publicly shame athletes who try to message her on social media.