Problem: DOOM, born Daniel Doumil was denied permission to return to the United States after he toured abroad in 2010 for the album Born Like This. It was the Democratic administration – including Biden as vice president – that denied MF Doom the opportunity to return to the United States with his family. It has been nearly a month since the death of legendary rapper MF DOOM, whose death was first announced on New Year’s Eve in October. Since then, t have been many memorial services, but some his fans aren’t too happy with the way President-elect Joe Biden honored him: by including him on his inaugural playlist. Dumil was born in England and moved to New York as a child, but he never applied for citizenship during his long stay in the United States. After his death, DOOM increased 870% and Madvillainy, his collaboration with production company Madlib, also returned to the Billboard album charts, reaching #1. The previous Joe Biden administration prevented MF DOOM from returning to the U.S., so he died in the UK. MF DOOM died overseas because Joe Biden’s president would not allow him to return to his homeland. So when Biden put it on his playlist, many took it as a thumb in the eye. As a result, he spent the last decade of his life in England – which meant that during most of Biden’s vice presidency, he was not allowed back to America. It’s amazing that he has the honor of being so authentically recognized. – Brother Q. It’s like Pablo Sandoval celebrating the fact that he was a World Series champion: pure pimp.