The Metropolitan Opera will remain closed until the fall of 2021: fans of Coronavirus will have to wait a year for live performances in the famous New York House. The collection comes just two days after the New York Times reported that the Opera Company and its insurance companies paid $3.5 million to embarrass former music director James Levin and settle bitter lawsuits. The Metro is the largest performing arts organization in the United States, and this decision is a strong reminder to music lovers and performing arts organizations of all sizes across the country – not to mention other major New York City institutions, including Broadway theaters – that it is high time to safely resume operations. In a press release, the Metro said its decision to cancel the remainder of the 2020-21 season was based on advice from “medical officials advising Lincoln Metro and the Center,” with hundreds of artists and staff required to rehearse and perform, as well as the public. The famous New York Metropolitan Opera announced on Wednesday that the building will remain closed until September 2021. In a press release issued on Wednesday, the Metropolitan Opera announced plans to resume operations in September 2018. Take a look at the cash register of the Metropolitan Opera. Levin was publicly accused of sexual abuse of nine men and was dismissed by the Metal Service in March 2018. Two other Metropolitan artists, violinist Vincent Lyonty and assistant conductor Joel Revzen, died in Covid-19. Meanwhile, the Metropolitan says it will continue to post free performances of past productions on the Internet, as it has done since March. Meanwhile, De Met says it will continue to put on the network free online performances of past productions, as it was done since March. Approximately 1,000 artists and Met employees have not received their salaries for nearly six months. They also depend on Met for health insurance. 27, 2021.

Metropolitan Opera Will