The Emmy for Best Comedy Guest Actress will be presented this weekend at the Creative Arts Awards, w most of this year’s prizes will be bestowed in advance of the live Emmy telecast that will air on CBS the following Sunday, September 17.

According to the combined predictions of hundreds of users who have made their picks at Gold Derby, Melissa McCarthy is the frontrunner to win for guest hosting “Saturday Night Live” for the fifth time, but does she deserve the prize? We asked our readers which nominee has the best episode submission, and though McCarthy is the decisive favorite in terms of who will win, it was a split decision in terms of who should win.

The influence of the episodes may have waned in recent years as the academy has amended its voting system, opening up every acting category to every eligible voter in the actors branch, and thus making it less likely that voters would watch every episode in more than a dozen categories they’re now able to vote on.

McCarthy may have an advantage in that regard, having submitted the 90-minute episode of “SNL” that she hosted.

37% of readers consider that the best episode of the bunch.

Angela Bassett is also backed by 37% of readers, who think she has the best episode even though she ranks third in our official predictions.

Do you agree with our readers that these are the best two episodes in the category? If so, are we underestimating Bassett’s chances of winning?